Press release: The 180th Anniversary of the Conquest of the Ararat Mountain is Coming Closer

In October 2009 Estonian and Turkish Mountain Climbers to Climb the Mountain Together.

Estonian Embassy in Turkey is organizing a joint climb of the Estonian and Turkish mountain climbers to the Ararat Mountain in order to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the conquest of the Ararat Mountain, when Jakob Friedrich Wilhelm Parrot reached the top of the mountain for the first time. The climb begins on the 5th October 2009 and it is planned to reach the top on the 9th October 2009, exactly 180 years later after Parrot reached the top. Before the climb on the 4th October 2009 an exhibition introducing Parrot’s life and work is opened in Ishakpasa stronghold in the County of Ağrı.

9 October 1829 is an important date in the history of Estonian alpinism. This was the day when Estonian scientist, rector and professor of Tartu University Johann Jakob Friedrich Wilhelm Parrot (1792–1841) was the first person to reach the top of the Ararat Mountain.

This achievement earned a lot of attention in Europe because back then the Ararat Mountain was connected with the biblical legend about Noah and his ark, which came to rest on the Mountain of Ararat after the great Flood. Professor Parrot was also the first person to conquer the mountain, which is more than 5000 meters high. This is an achievement that could be compared to the conquest of Everest in the 20th century.

The event is supported by the Estonian Foreign Ministry and by the culture and tourism directorate of the Ağrı County. The exhibition is organized and curated by Erik Tammiksaar, Eesti Matkaliit and by many others.

Film Company Vesilind is also planning to make a documentary about Parrot’s climb, about the opening of the exhibition and about the climb of the Estonian and Turkish climbers.

Further information:

Vahur Luhtsalu
Estonian Embassy in Turkey

+90 533 520 7267

+372 637 7654
+382 521 3085

Source: Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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